UYF Goes To Beach!!!

  March the 12th, 2016 was the day. The event, long in the pipeline, finally came to fruition. Upper Room Youth Fellowship (UYF), the youth wing ...

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March the 12th, 2016 was the day. The event, long in the pipeline, finally came to fruition. Upper Room Youth Fellowship (UYF), the youth wing of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Upper Room Zonal Headquarters, Province 40, packed their bags, smiles and all and headed for the beach. Before noon, the journey to Eleko Beach in Epe got underway, with Deacon Yemi as the chaperone.404

The ride down to Epe was fun. Spirits were high and chattering knew no bounds. Tobi Olomo whose birthday was the 12th got a surprise. She was called out, people sang the perfunctory birthday song and a beautiful cake was unveiled. Much to her delight and that of everyone else, the colors on the cake rhymed with the colors of her dress.

403With the birthday wishes and pleasantries out of the way, everyone settled in for a fun ride. People danced, laughed, threw jibes at each other, made funny scenes and were generally besides themselves. This was all captured by the roving camera of the Publicity Director, Tayo Agbede, as his Canon D-600 never let a moment slide by without ‘firing a shot’ at the fun maker(s). He was a behind-the-scene man who was also in the scene at the same time.

397Ola (oly-ray) Daniel, the Logistics Director, was at his best. They say “the devil is in the details”…, well, Ola was really in the details this time around. Things moved like clock-work and his delivery was on point. At precise intervals, a few nuts here, fruits there and drinks were passed around to keep people happy and in good spirits and this went a long way in pacifying people because after a long drive, the journey became tiring. Again, it was Ola, with his precise timing, who came to the rescue as beautifully sliced cold fruits were passed around. This moment of joy was to increase when the bus turned into the Eleko Beach Road, because the destination was finally within reach.

At the beach, the President of UYF, Tunde Ahmed and the Chaperone, Deacon Yemi addressed everyone, urging people to let themselves loose, be free and have fun, without exceeding the boundaries of decency. Then the games began.409

First off was the ‘Tug of War’. The contest was between four groups – Emerald, Gold, Laurel and Love. Gold showed their strength by pulling everyone else across the divide. Next was the sack race and Emerald showed they had speed in their strides. The Volley ball game was also won by Emerald. There was also a game of darts, with many taking turns to hit the bulls-eye. Players were offered opportunities to hit a specific number and win some money. Winners of this challenge were Bukunmi Solomon and Grace Aaron.423

421The games over, it was fun all the way. The water beckoned and many heed the call. They all dove-in in droves, splashing and swimming. This went on for a long time until it was time to eat.

418The food was in abundance, with creamy vegetable salad as a fine topping. On this score, Dami Obey was as effective as a dedicated mother, dishing out ‘plates of goodies’ to everyone’s satisfaction. Then it was time to leave, but not without a memorable ‘shot’ from the Muzzle of the D-600.

Not done yet with keeping mouths chewing away and hearts merry, the duo of Dami and Ola passed out plates of tastily fried stick-meat to everyone’s delight.

The day was indeed a fun-filled one. Despite the long and torturous road, made even more tiring by the incessant traffic situation, the excited faces that alighted from the bus after the trip back to church showed that the outing was well worth the trouble.406

411413Here’s looking forward to another merry outing such as this one. Until then, chao…




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