I Earned 10,000 per Month For 2years

I Earned 10,000 per Month For 2years

Hi guys, the first thing I will like to tell you this afternoon is ,”its not yet over until its over. guess what? its only over when its 6 feet....

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Hi guys, the first thing I will like to tell you this afternoon is ,”its not yet over until its over. guess what? its only over when its 6 feet.”wink

January 2013, I started working with a company somewhere in Ojodu Berger as a front desk officer where my annual salary was #120k.
daily i ask myself what am i going to do with that? buying a new clothe was tough, i cant even keep a girl who pays attention to money because that may not even buy her makeup depending on her level. I cant just keep any girl really. got whole lot outa questions in my head.
2 years after, my salary was increased to 180k per year. i was happy grin but still cant do much, nothing really.

fast ward, i met a girl just when my salary was increased cheesy, but she was wonderful and she knew how much I was earning.. she supported me in her own ways. a year after, I told her i wanted to resign so I can go learn shoe making, she said its okay.
a week after, I visited her and she said ,”I thought about the shoe business and I am ready to support you with #250k. I was surprised. I just said thank you. a month after, I received an alert, 250k was credited into my account. I called her and she said I just took a bank loan for you, pls use it well.
Heaven knows I cant believe their are still few people out there who can do such, for a boyfriend? so I resigned on April 17, 2015.
then I went for shoe making training for 1 month, thanks to my parish, the program was organised the same time I wanted to learn.

while I was working, I had a thing for blogging, I created my first blog then, ‘dalyricist’, before I and a friend finally created lazyreporta.com .
so couple of my friends know i blog. after my training, I started doing shoes for people with the help of my boss.

I received a call from my church member, more like a brother though, he said “can you work for our company? I said , yes, he said I knew you can handle our social media platforms. he asked how much am I was willing to get as salary? oh boy, see blank cheque o grin , I said a good pay. (meanwhile I no sabi too well because I be newbies but I said yes . ‘Don’t ever say no even if you cant do it, say yes, then go figure out how to do it’.)

I was invited to meet with their MD (now my MD) she asked ‘can you do it’? I said yes, then I got employed the same day, but I resumed on April. my shoe business moving, and I am also getting paid, nobody is ‘really well’ paid but am far from 15k peanut salary.

I only share this to encourage those who are presently passing through the same or even jobless; get busy, no mater how small, it will speak someday.

Who did it for me? GOD!

thank you!

my trow back Thursday pics………. before and now grin cheesy grin cheesy