Hi guys, I shared a post a few days ago on Nairaland about how I earned #10,000 per month for 2 years. In the post, I made a rundown of how I started ...

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Hi guys, I shared a post a few days ago on Nairaland about how I earned #10,000 per month for 2 years. In the post, I made a rundown of how I started out life and where God has taken me so far. The post was featured on the front page of Nairaland where it got a lot of attention, inspiring many, with a few bloggers calling for permission to share the post on their blog sites.

Currently, most Nigerians earn below the minimum wage. Adding other sources of income would go a long way in helping people meet up with an ever growing wage bill, therefore, I have created another thread to assist those who are willing to generate more income by doing more than one job.

Though I am fully employed, I still run my shoe business plus I can sell anything as long as there is money to be made from it (not human parts or illegal sales o).

May I quickly say this: you don’t need money to start some businesses, trust me? Get a picture of what you want to do, start it immediately, no matter how small. It’s good to dream big but you need to start small. “Faith without works is dead” no be me talk am o, na so e dey for bible.

Here are few tips on business you can start without breaking the bank.

  1. Dry-cleaning: If you know two persons around you who patronize dry cleaners, then you are in business. You don’t need to be shy, self-employment is great. Walk up to them. Tell them you can clean their clothes at a reduced price. Dry cleaning charges range between #250—#350 for a shirt, depending on the location. Start with a free service to convince them you can do the job. Subsequently, offer a #50 discount to encourage patronage.


Having trouble finding people who visit dry cleaners regularly, start with the guys in your compound, then move to the next building, take over your street and so on. Keep building your trust. Deliver on time. Wash well. Iron well and package well. You don’t need a shop to start out as a dry cleaner. Wait till you can afford one.


  1. Become a freelance sales person: This is what I do. I go on olx.com, Nairaland.com as well as other seller sites to look for sellers with the cheapest prices. I get their contact and the price of their items, and then look for buyers online and offline to sell to. It works guys. I also ask my friends, church members, etc., who are willing to sell their stuffs and for how much they are willing to sell to me. I get the price, find a buyer and voila! I sell it. Then my friends started calling me if they need anything especially phones.




You know what I do if I can’t find sellers online or around me, I head down to Computer Village to get what I want. This way, I started making friends among sellers and ‘engineers’ in Computer Village. This way, I tend to get great deals and avoid dupes. The least I ever made on a phone deal was #3, 000, depending on your bargaining power.  You can do more, not just phone. The idea is, make research on what people are using/need mostly, maybe five of them, and then become a freelance marketer.



  1. Become a real estate agent: Everyday, new residential buildings and shopping complexes spring up around you. The owners of these houses need agents to let them out. Find your way around any new site, talk to the owner or supervisor and convince them you can be their agent. A lot of us always fear rejection, don’t. Guess what? Anything you don’t attempt to do, you will never know the outcome. I challenge you to make a move today, try, keep trying and you will discover it’s actually easier than you thought. Don’t forget to offer to sell their lands for them as well.



  1. Shoe making: One of the things I have learnt over time is “I can do it. Even if I can’t, I will go figure out how to do it”. Don’t ever say no when opportunity presents itself. Believe you can do it. Your boss isn’t doing the job, technically. You are being paid to do it. You don’t need to be the doer before you collect a job or bid for it. You just need to get an idea of it. Now, am going to break down the cost to produce a shoe…. Shoe making is all about creativity. If you don’t have that, you may not be able to move fast. However, if you are good in creating your client’s patterns, you are safe. I have never created any design myself, but my client’s designs.


To make a shoe you need the following:

4 sq. foots #150

4 sq. foots of leather lining #100

Rubber sole now #800

Leather sole from #1200

Front and back stay #200 (you need 2)

Chemical gum #200

Total cost = #2,050

Tools to use and keep;

Thick board (itex) #400

Punch board #400

Scissors- 2 pairs, one is strictly for leather #200

Marking pen for marking your leather before you cut #100







Hammer #200






Lasting pliers to pull your leather #1500






Lax #2,000 – You need more than one though because of sizes













Sewing machine #20,000

Total = #28,400

With all these materials be sure to produce a standard shoe at the cost of 2,050. Now you can sell it for #5, 000 and above.

Don’t have #29, 000 to buy the tools you need, relax, since you know how much it will cost to produce a standard shoe, get a shoe maker that’s very good, make him your personal shoe maker and go ahead and design your brand, its 4,000 in Mushin. When anyone comes to buy shoes from you, get their design, get the shoe-maker to make it, and then emboss it with your logo. I usually give my customers seven working days to make a delivery. So work with your shoe maker, collect orders online and offline, create a konga, jumia etc. account and deliver on the specified date. If you finish it before then, call them to pick it up.




You can do it if you believe you can.